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Disturbing Posts That Never Need To Have Been Uploaded To Reddit

Disturbing Posts That Never Need To Have Been Uploaded To Reddit

1. A guy asked for a divorce proceedings, so their spouse stabbed the young young ones to death

“The gist from it is the fact that’s a dude discovers their spouse is cheating on him by having a neighbor. Upon declaring he wants a separation and divorce and it is taking the children, the spouse stabs and kills the children (aged 7 and 3)

This all stemmed from the Reddit post where he asked for suggestions about what direction to go, fairly standard situation by many requirements, but their wife reacted you might say no one ever thought would take place. It’s a large tragedy. ” — Insectshelf3

2. A guy really confessed to murder on the internet site

“I saw a confession to a murder. He lived in Hamilton Ontario or Kitchener Ontario, then fled to Buffalo nyc. Before he fled he composed away just what he had been thinking ahead of anybody knowing he murdered their gf. By the right time we read his post he had been wanted for murder. It absolutely was actually ill reading their confession written right after this kind of horrific crime as he attempted to rationalize it to himself while the wider reddit community. ” — Suivoh

3. Someone vividly described the flesh of a decomposing corpse

“I can’t quite believe it is but there was clearly a post regarding the infamous Necrophiliac AMA that described the way the skin/flesh of a corpse that were decomposing for two days had a consistency just like jello. 4 years on Reddit plus it’s still the very first comment we think about when confronted with this concern. Couldn’t consume ice and jello cream for months! ” — McChubbin

4. A female had been watched in her sleep every solitary evening

“There had been a female on Reddit whom posted a lot of recordings of her resting, but then knew (because of commentary) that somebody was watching her rest. She got tipped down by the noises of something clicking, after which, later on, somebody conversing with her while she had been resting.